Fire Sprinkler Technician and Helper

Fire Sprinkler Technician:
Service, repair all types of fire suppression systems including pumps, controllers, dry, wet and foam. Experience preferred.
Fire Sprinkler Helpers:
All Technicians had to start somewhere! We have immediate need for helpers. Great position for someone looking for a career change - advancement intended.
Advanced Fire Protection Services team members are Total Life Safety experts. We protect and save lives every day. Who wouldn't want to save lives for a living? We are always interested in adding new motivated team members. Experience in fire safety is a plus, but maybe you are looking for a career change. Let's hit the road together! We have a long history of supporting and employing military veterans and are dedicated to continuing this effort.
If you are currently employed with a Fire Protection Company or Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, or other mechanical type Company, and are looking for advancement or just a change, consider these openings!

Don't Be Fooled

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